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"Tired of Waiting Forever on Webmasters and Outsourcers to Get Your Website Live, or Even to Just to Make a Simple Text Change?"

Free Yourself from Your Webmaster Prison and Create Your Website Quickly and Easily in the "Website Creation Workshop"

From: Christina Hills

Dear Entrepreneur,

As you know, you have two choices if you want to get a website created, both of which can be pretty painful:

Option 1 – Find and hire a webmaster to create and maintain it for you.

Option 2 – Learn a bunch of technical geek stuff and make it yourself.

Why Hiring a Webmaster Can Be a Bad Idea

An idea that stays in your head, or doesn’t get past the scribble you made on a post-it note, NEVER makes you any money.

When you get an idea, you need to move quickly.

You need to act on it, you need to execute and implement the idea to make money off of it.

Busy Webmasters Make You Wait

How Long Will He Make You Wait for a Few Simple Text Changes to Your Website?

Have you heard this story before? The story where you (or a friend of yours) have had their business or organization come to a standstill because of a late/lazy/arrogant…you fill in the blanks..Webmaster?

Has this frustrated you?

Has this cost you money?

Webmasters make you wait to fit into their schedule.

They make you wait days, weeks, sometimes even months.

They make you wait because they have to – they have to have a lot of clients and a lot of projects going on at once, to make living at their business.

And because they have so many other clients, so many other projects, when you just want to add a few paragraphs of copy to your website, something that may only take them 5 minutes to do, you gotta wait like 2 weeks!


The Nerd Problem

Some Webmasters Assume That Everyone Speaks HTML, PHP, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets!

Worse yet, some of these people don’t function socially well like the rest of us do. I’m not trying to be offensive…. I’m just speaking from experience.

Some webmasters think that it is OK not to call you back.

Or not to reply to your emails.

Oh, they may call you back or reply “eventually.”

But hey, they’re busy with another client’s project, and they can’t work on your stuff right now, so why should they get back to you?

I mean they’ll get back to you “sometime,” right?

And then when they do eventually get back to you, they often talk down to you, or they talk over your head like you are one of their coder-geek friends, assuming that you understand all of this HTML, PHP, Javascript and other stuff.

Or they can make you feel stupid, even if you have an MD, a JD, or a PhD and you ARE smarter than them!

This makes me mad just talking about it.

The fact is, you shouldn’t have to put up with all of this just to get your website built.

Finally – Website Creation Made Easy

A few years ago some really smart people got together and came up with a tool designed to make it really easy for people like you and me to simply write our ideas out and publish them to the web.

That tool is called:

You’ve probably heard of WordPress as a tool for bloggers.

But what’s cool about WordPress is that you can use it to build virtually ANY kind of website, not just a blog.

That’s not all.

Make Changes to Your Website All By Yourself in Just Seconds…

The real beauty is it only takes minutes to set up your website… and seconds to make simple changes like edit typos, replace broken links or add a new web page.

WordPress makes everything simple.

  • You can “log in” to your website and make quick edits simply by clicking, copying and pasting. No more playing phone tag with your webmaster. No more waiting for weeks just to have a misspelling fixed.
  • You can protect your “online reputation” and react to customers right away. No more sleepless nights worrying about that false, nasty, offensive comment on your blog… you know, the one your webmaster can’t get to for another 48 hours?
  • You can act instantly and immediately on business epiphanies you have… even if it’s 2 A.M. in the morning. Imagine having a great promotional idea, throwing it up in minutes… and collecting orders the very next day!
  • We’d all love to be organized, and have stuff done days in advance (what a webmaster requires) but that’s just not how life works!


Imagine Being Free and Having
Total Control Over Your Own Website Any Time you Want

What would it feel like for you to be free of your webmaster… and have complete control over your own website?

It would be an amazing feeling.

WordPress can help. However…

In spite of how dead simple it is to use (it’s at least ten times easier than HTML, Dreamweaver or FrontPage)… there is still a slight learning curve.

That’s where I come in.

Let Me Be Your Website & Online Business Mentor

I’m Christina Hills, creator and teacher of the “Website Creation Workshop.” Over the last 5 years, I have shown over 900 business owners (just like you) how to put up a business website in minutes using WordPress.

This isn’t just another “WordPress course” though. This is a program where I personally show you (Live-Online) how to create your website.

I won’t leave you with just a bunch of videos and manuals. I won’t lecture you, and I definitely won’t fill your head with theory.

This is a hands-on, fully-interactive, online WORKSHOP where you will build your website yourself… while I  walk you through everything step-by-step.

And if you apply yourself, by the end of the “Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program,” you can have a fully-functional website you’ve personally built with my help.

Yes, you heard that right. A ready-to-go website you can use.

Best part is… you’ll be able to make changes to it whenever you want, however you want, without having to know any techie stuff like coding or programming.

This Program  “Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program” is for you IF …

  • You want to run your business, your way, on your terms. You don’t want to wait on webmasters and their agenda, dealing with their issues and paying their costs.
  • You want a simple, proven and tested method for putting up your website without learning geek languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, FTP and JavaScript. (I have over 550 satisfied students each with a website they put up themselves with my help!)
  • You want control and access to this vital part of your business without depending on anyone. Especially if you get a lot of business through your website!
  • Or… you realize there’s a “new frontier” of customers you’re missing out on by not having a website you can update easily. (You may even not have a website at all… and you need to get one up yesterday).
  • You’re tired of all the lost time, opportunity and profits from having to wait for your webmaster to get things done.
  • You like to do things at your own pace on your own time

With the Website Creation Workshop Program,
You’ll Be Able to Create Any Kind of Website You Want and Never Have to Wait On or Pay For a Webmaster Again!


So what kind of website do you want to create?

  • Regular Website for Your Business or Passion?
  • Online Brochure-Style Website?
  • Opt-in Squeeze Page or Landing Page Site?
  • Single Page Sales Letter Site?
  • Hybrid Blog-Online Brochure Website?
  • Password-Protected Membership Site?
  • Blog?
  • Video or Audio Website?

You don’t have to suffer anymore. You can quickly and easily take control of your own website with this new online training.

What is the “Website Creation Home Study Program”?

This is an Online Workshop where you’ll be guided through the process of creating your own website WITHOUT A WEBMASTER!

You’ll learn to use the WordPress® software to create websites that can be simple static page websites, or Blogs.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will have access to all of the training materials in our online private “classroom” area once you register.
  • My team will setup and install a practice WordPress site for you to use for 1 year!

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Each Student Gets a Fresh, Pre-Installed, Ready-to-Use WordPress “Student Project” Website To Turn Into Your Own Creation
Without the Worry of “Messing Things Up”

When you join the Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program, you get a ready-to-use, WordPress “Student Project” website pre-installed for you on my servers. This is your “project” area for you to work in and develop your website. It’s hidden from the search engines so that you can play around and test out your ideas privately.

New “Student Project”
(Website Ready-to-Use)

“Student Project” Website

So What is a “Student Project” ?

In the class, each student will get a New WordPress Website that will be your “Student Project” to create your website BEFORE it goes live on your own servers. When you register for the Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program, my team is going to install and set up a WordPress website for you to use.

Now this website is installed on my server, but this is like your sketch pad, your project area.

This won’t be your final location for your website, but the website area you have for 1 year to develop on and practice learning WordPress. You’ll just need to eventually get it on your own web hosting.

The Benefits Are:

  • You don’t have to go get hosting.
  • You don’t have to pick a domain name.
  • You don’t have to think about the tedious stuff to get started

You see, I thought about what would make the best course.

What hurdles do people have when they’re wanting to build their website?

Well, one of the stumbling blocks is deciding on a domain name. And the second stumbling block is getting hosting.

So in this course, I have eliminated both of those stumbling blocks.

You register for the class. You’ll get your own WordPress student project, and you can begin developing your website without having to make all of those other decisions.

You Can Complete the Program

All Online From the Comfort of Your Home or Office

The Program Overview

Beginners’ Module – “Getting Started with WordPress”

I’ve added this extra module to help the non techies get more comfortable with logging in and out of WordPress, understand the difference between the “Classroom” and your student project, know how to find your passwords if you lose them, and learn how to use your computer’s browser to work faster. In this module, I’ll show you…

  • How to log in to WordPress.
  • How to log in to your “Student Project” WordPress site.
  • An overview of the WordPress system.
  • How to maximize your time with tabbed browsing.


Module 1 – “How To Create Your Webpages & Make Simple Changes To Your Website With Just A Few Mouse Clicks”
We start out with your Content!  Because Your Content is the most important thing on your site. One of the most frustrating parts of working with a webmaster is how long it takes to make simple changes to your website. Like… editing a typo, fixing broken links, or adding a new web page to your site. In this module, I’ll show you…

  • How to create a new page, add your content or create links on your web page… and do any of these tasks in less than ten seconds each, without knowing any coding language.
  • An extremely simple way to keep everything organized, so your customers can quickly find what they need on your website.
  • How to easily update your headlines.
  • How to take down a page, or modify any part of your content, or easily add links to your web pages.


Module 2 – “Creating Your Blog Posts in WordPress”
Creating Blog Posts is the best way to get your message out on a consistent basis.  Whether you consider yourself a “Blogger” or not, it’s important to know how blog posts can help you grow your business.  In module 2, I’ll show you…

  • How to create blog posts to increase your SEO rankings.
  • How to schedule your blog posts, so you don’t have to be there when it goes live.
  • Turn your blog homepage into a condensed index of your posts.
  • How to use tags and categories to focus your visitor’s attention on specific content.
  • Plus… I’ll show you an easy-to-use technology that updates all your customers whenever you add a new post to your website. They’ll hear about your new promotion, offer or service the moment you publish it!

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Module 3 – Organizing your Content with Menus & Sidebars so People Can Easily Navigate Your Site and Stay Longer”
– WordPress makes it very easy to organize your website with the use of simple drag and drop Menus and Sidebars. In this module, we cover…

  • How to approach your website’s organization for maximum success.
  • How to use the menu function to create a unique but highly effective navigation system.
  • How to create separate sidebar menus.


Module 4 – “Adding Snazzy Images to Your Site to Give it Flair”
It used to be a complicated process to add graphics to just the right place on your web page, but it’s not anymore! In this module, I’ll show you how to work with images, even if you are not a graphic designer.  Simple things you can do yourself, without being very tech savvy, to get beautiful images on your site.

  • Discover the easy steps to uploading attractive images that will quickly grab your visitor’s attention
  • How to edit, crop, flip and scale your images without having to know any fancy graphics programs.
  • Add an image to your sidebar.
  • How to put a border around your image.
  • How to add a background image, or easily change the color of the background.
  • Need to know what color is on a website?  You’ll learn how to select colors off of any website.

Module 5 – “How to Easily Design The Look and Feel Of Your Website To Attract The Best Customers”
Whether you’re starting from scratch, or you just want to “throw up a fresh coat of paint”… changing the design of your website keeps it interesting and fun. Your customers will visit more often just to see the “new renovations.” In module 4, I’ll show you…

  • A little known website where you can find thousands of pre-made designs you can pick and choose from. You’re bound to discover “the perfect look” for your website here.
  • Why WordPress is no longer just for bloggers and how to convert it into your typical “business website.” (It’s easy to do and it won’t take more than a few mouse clicks.)
  • How to update your theme to keep up to date with the latest release.
  • Quick and easy ways to “trade out” parts of your website like the header image, sidebars and colors. WARNING: You might get addicted to “remodeling” your website because it’s so fun and easy!

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Module 6 – “Plug Ins: Making Your Website More Interactive, More Fun To Visit and Easier To Use”
 WordPress may very well be the most flexible website-building software on planet Earth. Here’s how you can make it super-fun for your customers to visit your website, over and over again. In this module, we cover…

  • “Plug-Ins”: The most POWERFUL feature of WordPress. These are like “iPhone apps”… really useful programs you can add to your website to do almost anything you can think of. There are tens of thousands of them to choose from. I’ll show you my favorite ones.
  • The difference between “fun” plugins, and “work” plugins (the one’s that help you in the background).
  • The absolute FIRST plugin you should install EVERY time you build a WordPress Website!
  • My List of Top 10 Favorite Plugins and Why I use them.
  • How to update plugins to their latest version.
  • Videos and Demos of popular plugins and which ones you need most!


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Module 7 – “Advanced Tips: Adding Bells & Whistles to Make Your Site Rock!”
In this module I cover all of the advanced things (things beyond the newbie level) that you may want to do to your site.    With extra ‘bells and whistles’ you can make your WordPress site unique to you!  We’ll talk about…

  • Want to create a PDF download page for your customers?  I’ll show you how in this module!
  • Want to create a password protected page for your customer?  I’ll show you how!
  • Want to create a private page that is published on the Internet, but only you can see?  I’ll show you how!
  • How to easily change links on your site, whenever you want!
  • How to close your site to the public and create a “Coming Soon” page.
  • How to set up your site to easily outsource the work to assistants.
  • Plus other tips and tricks with WordPress for you.


Module 8 – Create Celebrity Status for Yourself & Build Instant Trust By Making Your Website Come Alive with Video and Audio”
You may have heard the study that when we communicate, it’s 56% body language, 37% tone and 7% the actual words we say. That’s why it’s vitally important to add audio and video to your website. It’s easier than you think. In this module, you’ll discover…

  • The simple 3-step process of adding an video recording or video to any page on your website.
  • One thing you should never do when putting up a video on your website.
  • How to “piggyback” off YouTube and never deal with complicated video software, coding and programming.
  • Different video options and which you should choose.
  • How to add an audio play button to your website.
  • The best video player plugins.


Module 9 – Build Relationships and Bond With Your Customers by Easily Integrating Your Website With Facebook, Blog Comments & Social Media”
A lot has changed since the old days of “static websites” where visitors either read your site, or didn’t. Today, you can “talk” to your customers directly on your website with “comments”… and they can “share” your website using Facebook and Twitter. In this module, we’ll talk about…

  • How to set up “commenting” on your website so people can leave feedback on your website. Better yet, you can ask them questions, survey them or start an “online contest.” Best part? It’s already set up in WordPress.
  • Simple “security measures” to prevent people from leaving offensive and hateful comments on your website.
  • Hate comment SPAM?  This module will show you how to deal with that.
  • How to brand yourself on your site and other WordPress sites when you leave comments.
  • How to integrate Facebook and Twitter on your website, so people can easily tell their friends about your website with just one-click. (Referral business doesn’t get any easier than this!)

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Module 10 – “Getting Your Website To Show Up On Google: Search Engine Optimization”
If people can’t find your website, they can’t become your customer. To do this, you need to get your website ranked high on Google, (and Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing). You may have heard your webmaster talk about “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” before, but what he said was probably just plain confusing!  In this module, I’ll show you how to “SEO” your website in an understandable way and with very little work! We’ll talk about…

  • How to get the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to find your website quickly and easily using simple, one-click-install “plug-ins”.
  • Naming your new blog posts and web pages the right way so you show up more often on search engines. I’ll show you exactly how to figure out what your best “key words” are… the words people search for when looking for your type of business.
  • How long are people staying on your website? What links are they clicking on? How are they using your website? I’ll show you a FREE software you can use to track what they’re doing. When you do this, you know exactly what to change on your website to get more business!
  • How to make every one of your web pages super-easy to find and refer to in just ONE step. You’ll never again have long, weird addresses your webmaster set up. You know, the ones that look like this…?
  • How to add a sitemap to your site so your visitors can find any page they want


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Module 11 – “Building Your Permanent Home on The Web: Installing WordPress on Your Own Domain”
Now that you have a handle on how to use WordPress by working in your Student Project, you will want to learn how to install WordPress on your own site. This module takes you through the steps of installing WordPress on your own website hosting company’s server.  It starts with a video overview of the WordPress components, the big parts that make up your WordPress website. Then, if you are in a rush, watch the video “Creating a Website From Scratch in 23 Minutes”.  It will take you through the whole process and make it easy for you.   We’ll talk more about all this in the program…

  • Understanding WordPress “Under the Hood”
  • Creating a website from scratch in 23 minutes – Easy!
  • Connecting your domain name to your web hosting.
  • Updating  your website with a couple of clicks!
  • Backing up your website to your hard drive the easy way!
  • Installing or moving your student project to your own hosting.
  • Understanding where to install WordPress from a branding perspective.


Module 12 – “Backing Up and Maintaining Your WordPress Site
This module is all about backing up and maintaining your WordPress Site. Backups are not hard, they just have to be done. In this module, Christina shows you how to backup and maintain your WordPress Website. It also covers some troubleshooting, and how to fix your site using a simple way with FTP (and no need to hire a web geek) … We’ll learn about that more in the program…

  • What is FTP and How to Use it with FireFTP.
  • Updating  Your Website with a Couple of Clicks!
  • Backing Up Your Website to Your Hard Drive the Easy Way!
  • Installing or Moving Your Student Project to Your Own Hosting.


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From Outdated Static Website to Interactive Web 2.0 Website

Here is what Audrey Sussman did to change her website from an outdated website to a new website with an Opt-in Box and RSS Feeds



Sample Websites from Previous Website Creation Workshop Students

Debra Marrs – Writers Site Jeff Herring – Article Marketing Site
Elenore Dunydam – African Drum Site Peggy Britton – Ecommerce Site
Todd Tressider – Financial Advice Site Karen Hager – Educational Site
Peggy Britton – Ecommerce Site Marty Marsh – Business Site
Etienne Perret – Ceramic Jewelry Site Anca Martalog- Art Site
Pat and Lorna Shanks – Online Presentations Site James Roche – Internet Marketing
Elenore Dunydam – EFT Radio Blog Satori Yoga Studio – Yoga Blog Site
Kirsten Hope – Coaching Site Maritz Parra – Online Marketing Blog

Video Testimonials from Some of my Students

“Yours is the first program I have ever completely cleared the desk for and made a priority so that I didn’t miss any of it.”

Martin MarshWhen it comes to things like this, I like to do it myself. Having a webmaster, as great as he is, has always been a maddening experience for me because it means I don’t have the control I want over my site and yet I didn’t think I had the time or the inclination to learn to do any coding myself or to learn to work in some other HTML program. I’m busy enough as it is, so I just limited what I asked my webmaster to do, and therefore, limited what I was capable of accomplishing.

The absolute greatest thing about your course is that I took my time with it and as I discovered what I can do my confidence soared along with my understanding of the technical aspects of it.

Now I am not afraid to go in and tinker a bit here and there, see what this does and what that does, and each time yields a new ‘Aha’ moment.

I love that you have so patiently taken your time with each one of us to explain, and explain again and again, when necessary, how to do something.

Not only can I see more possibilities but I know I can just go ahead and do them. And seeing all these possibilities, I am now developing a clarity about my business that I have never had before and for the first time in a very long time I am excited about my business again.

Martin Marsh

“She made it extremely easy to understand, extremely easy to apply”

Miguel CuraI previously never met Christina. In fact, Christina came to me through a mutual acquaintance who was also a member of the Website Creation Workshop. He suggested, “you should try this person out” and I followed that advice and look where it led me. I’ve got, now, all the tools I need to create my own website and be able to showcase my art, and to be able to teach people how to draw, and do something that I was not able to accomplish before. It was so very easy and so very easy to pick up and understand.

I recall at approximately the same time a friend of mine chose to go another route. She took a university course, and as the weeks went on, we eventually got together and compared notes–”how is your course going?” She complained that her instructor did not know what they were doing, and I can only say great things about Christina!

She made it extremely easy to understand, extremely easy to apply and took away the mystery. Previously, I did not know WordPress, well, from a clothes press. But now I can use it and build my own website and be able to showcase my art, and the experience is fabulous, absolutely fabulous. What I would have spent on just one webmaster for just one site, no revisions, I can now spend on creating as many as I want to, however I want to. I think that’s utterly brilliant.

Miguel Cura

“It’s like everything is falling into place with such ease.”

Helmut Warhmann-WhitakerI wanted to let you know, I’m so grateful for putting on this class for a long time now. I have really dreaded the thought of having to learn DreamWeaver in order to be able to update our site. Your course is like the cipher for all the pieces that I have picked up along the way about creating websites. It’s like everything is falling into place with such ease.

Both my wife and I are really, really excited, so thanks so much.

Helmut Warhmann-Whitaker

“Christina is true to her word!”

Saundra Goodman

I joined Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop as a non-techie with the remedial skills of cutting, pasting and blogging. My original website was built for me almost two years ago and I was unable to access it to make changes and updates. My webmaster charged $75 an hour and raised the price to $90 an hour this January when I lost my job.

Then I heard about Christina’s class! I signed up because she promised to teach me to build a WordPress website with a blog. I’m delighted to report that Christina is true to her word! She uses all available methods of teaching online because she understands the challenges of learning technology.

I worked hard, did the assignments, and asked numerous questions, sometimes more than once, and surely tested her patience countless times. Christina never doubts that her students will fulfill her expectations. I am amazed at how much I learned in such a short time with Christina’s direction and encouragement.

I gained an overall understanding of the WordPress platform and language and a sense of achievement, confidence, empowerment and independence. Christina allowed me to expand my capabilities to learn and master new technologies with the language of WordPress. Christina compiled a remarkable collection of resources and videos for her students’ continued learning success and I will be reviewing them.

Thank you, Christina, for a life changing adventure that was worth every penny!

Saundra Goodman

“What I have learned…has exceeded my expectations”

Lauren Slade

My name is Lauren I live in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada and my website is Making difficult or complicated topics easy is an art and science that very few people achieve. Christina Hills is different. She has a master’s degree in simplicity!

I’m an educator with over 25 years experience and know what a challenge teaching can be. The Website Creation Workshop is the most technically difficult and the most enjoyable course I have ever taken. What I have learned during school has exceeded my expectations and has most unexpectedly touched my heart because of her compassion and understanding for all her students.

Although, I have been asked to give a testimonial many times, this is the first time I have ever been able to feel comfortable about doing that and I’m thrilled and delighted to be able to offer this testimonial to Christina. Congratulations, Christina, on a magnificent course. You truly are the Queen!

Laruen Slade

“…You’ve gotta buy this because this will make you do it…”

Debra MarrsActual In Class Conversation with a Student…

DEBRA: Thank you so much for the class. This is–Ditto what so many others have said–it’s activated me. I tend to be a learner and I like to learn a lot of things, but I don’t take action.

You’ve inspired me, as you can see, to take action, and just be playing around with it and just having the student area does build confidence so much.

CHRISTINA: I’m so glad you feel that way.

I want you guys to learn this, but I want you to actually do it; not just learn it, but do it.

DEBRA: And you have inspired me, and that was actually a line in your sales copy, so repeat it again for all of us learners in your next sales copy. Because it was the thing, that said ‘you’ve gotta buy this’ because this will make you do it, Debra.

CHRISTINA: Right, I mean people including myself buy courses and then they kind of sit there and I don’t do it. And that’s why I have installed all these student projects which takes a lot of time.

My assistants are installing these WordPress websites but it’s to help you get over that hump of getting going.

DEBRA: Absolutely!

Debra Marrs

“What we got out of it was worth many times the investment we made”

Pat & Lorna ShanksWe took the course so we could update our blog at to a more modern look, and to upgrade it to the latest WordPress® version.

As well, we wanted to clear up our misunderstanding of the terminology used by WordPress® and integrate our blog with 1ShoppingCart for an Opt-in feature.

What can we say about Christina and her Web Site Creation Workshop? She has a heart of gold and continually over delivers in content, support and knowledge.

We would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. What we got out of it was worth many times the investment we made. Hands down, one of the best courses we’ve ever taken.

Pat and Lorna Shanks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I have access to the online training?
A: You have access to the Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program members area:  all the online training materials, downloads, videos, and PDFs for 18 months from date of purchase. So you can spend a year to learn all of the materials.

Q: Do I need to get Hosting first?
A:  No you don’t need to get any website hosting in order to go through this program.  We will setup your WordPress Website Student Project for you so you don’t have to worry about that.

Q: How long will it take me to go through the program?
A: You will get access to all the training at once, so you can pace yourself to complete the course and minimize any possible overwhelm. You will have access to all of the training program for at least a year so you can go through it at your own pace.  Some people do it in a weekend, and some people take 2 months to complete, and others take 6 months, it’s all on your own time.

Q: Is this program using or
A: We teach, which is the self hosted version of WordPress.  You use your own domain name and have total control over your own website.

Q: Is this program for a Mac or a PC?
A: WordPress is independent of a Mac or a PC. You can use either a Mac or a PC computer to go through this training program. And you can use either to create your websites with WordPress.

Let Me Be Your Guide and Show You How Quickly & Easily You Can Create Your Own Websites Using WordPress

Video Student Success Stories

“I was able to do things in 15 minutes that my Webmasters made me wait for six months”

Dr. Anca Martalog – Natural Health MD

“I cannot believe that I created my website and I love the way that it looks”

Brenda Rivas – Professional Online Business Manager

“Now I can do things myself without having to hire an expensive webmaster for my website”

Kathryn Merrow – The Pain Relief Coach


Remember, with the “Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program”…

  • You get a hands-on, fully-interactive workshop where I will guide you… (On the Online Videos)… in building your website.
  • You get a fully-functional website you created yourself. You can use it for your business the very next day. Best part? You’ll know exactly how to “log in” and make simple changes like typos, links and pages. You will never have to wait for your webmaster again. You will be FREE of webmasters for the rest of your life!
  • You finally get the control and access to your website without knowing any of the difficult, complex codes like HTML, PHP and CSS. You will be empowered to put up new web pages whenever you want, however you want, and do it within seconds.

Most important of all… you can build your business at your speed.

  • If you come up with an idea at 2 A.M. in the morning… you can slap up a web page and take orders right away.
  • If you have something cool to share with your customers, you can make a blog post right away.
  • If you want to post a video of yourself, you can do it… right away.

Let’s talk about what you’ll get in the Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program  in detail…

Here is What You’ll Get in the Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program

Step-by-Step Website Creation Online Training Modules
You will get access to all the training modules that make up all the different parts of building a WordPress website (click for Workshop Overview). Each of the modules comes with...
  • Video Training Lessons where you listen in and view as I show you how to build your website step-by-step.  Just relax and let our WordPress videos do all the work for you. Each module is simple and concise. No fluff, just really-to-the-point lessons that will give you a full understanding of WordPress. Since first teaching the Website Creation Workshop in 2008, I’ve had every sort of question thrown at me by over 900 satisfied students. To give you EXTRA value, I have turned the most commonly asked questions into short 10-minute videos inside the private membership site. These are step-by-step videos on the same level and quality as the training modules. Feel free to pause, rewind and work through the lesson at your own pace!
  • PDF Handouts and Audio Downloads loaded with screenshots and graphics. If you prefer to print things out and read instead of watching the video again, you can! Many students print out the handouts in color and carefully organized them in a binder on their desktop.
  • Step-by-Step Assignments – Often the best way to learn a new skill is to have step-by-step guidance on how to create something in WordPress. With these step-by-step assignments, you will speed through your learning, because you learn by doing!
  • Private Membership Website – The Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program gives you 18 months of access to the program to go through and review at your own pace.  Maybe even build a second or a third website!
Your Own “Student Project” WordPress Website
Instead of simply giving you a bunch of video lessons, theory and instruction, you will personally receive a pre-installed and hosted WordPress site, in my workshop “laboratory” where you will get hands-on experience. Here you will…
  • Start tinkering and “playing” with your own website instantly without the techie headaches of “web hosting” or “domain registration.” I want you to dive into WordPress right away.
  • Discover and experiment with your very own WordPress website in private without your customers and competitors knowing what you’re up to.
  • Build a fully-functional website prototype you can transfer to your own server after you’re done (which I will also show you how to easily do as part of this workshop). A website you can turn on and “go live”… from workshop to “in business.”

Live Q&A Calls to Answer Your Questions

You Get 3 months of  Live Q&A Calls (approx 6 calls or more)
The calls are typically 60-90 minutes long and there will be a replay if you miss it.

The schedule is listed below in Pacific time (California time), so you will need to adjust it for your own time zone.

(Please note that schedule is subject to change at any time.  As the dates get closer, more calls will be added. Current customers will be notified by email on the day of the call with the phone number and pin)

BONUS – Making Your Website Mobile Friendly (Value $197) !
In this special bonus session we will focus just on making your WordPress Website mobile friendly for smartphones and tablets.  Let’s face it, the world is going mobile.  Smart phones are more popular than land lines.  And everyone is just moving around more.  If you don’t get on the mobile band wagon, you will be left behind.
In this special webinar replay, we will look at not only making your site mobile friendly, but we will also look at updating your WordPress website right from your phone!

BONUS Module- “How to Automatically Get Your Customers to Come Back to Your Website with a Self-Building Email List” (Value $100)
Growing your email list is an important part of online marketing. In this module you will learn how to connect your email marketing system to your WordPress website. It does not matter what email marketing system you use, the concepts are still the same.

  • Learn how to setup an Email Opt-in-Box to build your list of email subscribers using email list services such as Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart, InfusionSoft, iContact, Office AutoPilot and others…
  • Learn to build a relationship with your customers over time, using multiple messages. Very few first-time website visitors will do business with you. Here’s how to “touch base” with them as many times as you want, as long as you want, until they’re ready to buy from you… all without you lifting a finger once you set it up.
  • Plus I’ll show you a simple, alternative way to keep your customers up-to-date on your business… on autopilot. I’ll show you how to let your customers know exactly when you update your website without you blasting out emails or advertising.

BONUS  Module – “How to Sell Your Products From Your Website… Even When You’re Sleeping, Playing With the Kids Or Away From The Computer” (Value $100)
Selling Your Products or Services from your WordPress website is a great way to earn income. WordPress makes it very easy to integrate a shopping cart system into you website. In this bonus module Christina shows you how to add shopping cart buttons, PayPal buttons, and Amazon buttons and to your WordPress website. We’ll talk about…

  • img-m9-makemoney-cart-200-150x150Two extremely simple payment systems you can set up in the next fifteen minutes. Both are easy-to-use and don’t require any complicated programming skills.
  • Don’t have anything to “sell”? Here’s how to partner with Amazon start making money on your website. All you have to do is create an account with them and copy and paste a small snippet of code.
  • Make money simply by “recommending” products or services you personally like and use. It’s surprisingly easy and chances are, you can promote products and services you’re already using right now!

My Famous 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee that you’ll be thrilled that you invested in the Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program – or you won’t pay.

Claim your Seat in the course today and take 30 days from the day you purchase this Online Training Program to decide. Experience how helpful this class is, go through the Training Modules, watch the Mini Training Videos, poke around in the private Members Area, and play with your Student Website that we installed for you. If you don’t agree that Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program  has made it easier for you to build and control your WordPress website, return the materials we sent you, then contact the support department via email. We’ll refund every penny of your investment, and we’ll part as friends.

Christina Hills, Your Teacher and Coach

What Would It Be Worth To You When You Finally Break Free From Frustration with Your Website?

What Would It Mean For You To Be Empowered To Put Up Websites At Will And Make Changes To Them Whenever You Want, However You Want?

It’s time for you to take control of your business again. As an entrepreneur and professional, you’re an action-taker. You come with profitable business ideas… and you execute on them. That’s how you got to where you are today.

So why would you allow a slow, unreliable and overpriced webmaster to control one of the most vital, most important parts of your business today? Did you know checking out your website is the first thing most people do before deciding to work with you? That’s from a 2010 Harris Poll.

So what would it be worth to you to be empowered to move quickly on your website? Make changes when you need to… add new service and product pages instantly… post a new blog the moment you write it?

Let’s think about it this way. I’ve known business owners who were paying upwards of $1,000/month on retainer just to “keep them around” when they needed them. That’s $12,000 a year for a service you barely used. Not to mention how late, slow and uncommunicative webmasters are.

If you were to learn this yourself, you would have to go through up to 10,300 pages in the “WordPress Codex.” That’s where WordPress stores its “online instruction manual.” I’ve gone through a big majority of it when I was learning WordPress and condensed the most useful and relevant parts in the Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program.

You can also spend hours looking for scattered YouTube videos, bits and pieces, here and there… on how to build your own WordPress website. Many will be done by amateurs or teenage kids looking for some attention on YouTube. Lots of these will be confusing and frustrating. And none of them will coach, mentor and guide you with hands-on experience with your own “lab-test” website.

First, let’s quickly summarize what you’re getting here…

  • Comprehensive Step-by-Step Website Creation Training Modules each with multiple video trainings, transcripts, hand-outs and more.
  • My Easy & Gentle, No-Overwhelm Training Approach
  • Live Q+A Calls to support and nurture you through building your own website with WordPress
  • Special “Student Project” WordPress Website installed for you by my team.

Here’s the deal: I’m here to help as many business owners as possible to break free from the tyranny of their webmasters. I am extremely proud to have helped over 900 people learn WordPress already. I want YOU to be a part of this unique community. A community of empowered, independent and free business owners.

So I want it to be a roaring success. That’s why… you will only invest a small sum of $997 . This is way way less than you would pay a webmaster to create a website from scratch for you… or two to four months of “website maintenance.”

With this prudent investment, you will now be empowered to fire your webmaster… and take control of your website.


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  • I understand I will learn website building and marketing techniques that you have put together to teach me during the 12 modules and that not you nor anyone else has made any income promises to me and that my income is dependent solely on my own efforts and that of my business.
  • I understand that I have 30 days from the date of purchase to decide if this program is right for me. And if I don’t agree that Website Creation Workshop Home Study Program has made it easier for me to build, understand, and control my website, I’ll contact you within that time for a full refund.

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To your online success,

Christina Hills
Your Teacher, Mentor, and Coach
The Website Creation Workshop

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