What is a ‘Sticky’ Post in WordPress?

When you create a WordPress Website that has a blog posts on it, sometimes you want those blog posts to stick at the top of the page.  Well this is called a ‘sticky post‘, and I have created a video to explain how it works.

To make a post ‘Sticky’, all you need to do is check a little box in the WordPress editor, and it will stick the post to the front page .

Then at any time you can uncheck that box, and the post will go back to being listed in the reverse chronological order that all blog posts are.  With the most recent at the top of the blog.

Some people consider their blog a newsletter.  That is a very popular application of a blog.  So if you have a news item that you want to remain at the top, just make it sticky!

Have fun with making your WordPress posts sticky!

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    • Christina Hills says


      sticky posts are very useful to the website owner and to the viewers. Very easy to turn on and off!

    • Christina Hills says

      the answer depends upon you. How well do you know WordPress? If you are a newbie, I’d go with Flexx. It’s easy to get going with it and have a good looking site.

      Builder is also a great theme, but it takes a bit longer to learn. So not so good for newbies. BUT you can create exactly what you are looking for. It helps you’BUILD’ your site for you. Like building blocks.

      Here are my affiliate links for those two
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  1. Building Materials says

    Thanks for giving a decent explanation for the sticky. I was about to give up with wordpress and go back to blogger. There is so much you can do with wordpress, I guess I am a little impatient.

    Must thank you for taking the time to do these very helpful videos.

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