Adding a ‘Read More’ Link to Your Blog

With WordPress, you have a lot of flexibility on how your site looks.  And as you work with WordPress, you learn different ways to customize your website so that it presents to your audience in the best way.  Well today’s blog post is about using the ‘Read More’ link for your long blog posts.  This makes your homepage of your blog more readable, because you can break up long blog posts into 2 parts.

Video explain it the best, so just watch this video as I demonstrate what the ‘More Tag’ is and how you would use it on your homepage/category pages to shorten long blog posts

Leave any comments you have below…

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Christina Hills helps non techie entrepreneurs setup their websites using WordPress without having to rely on a webmaster. Her trainings are fun and she makes it easy! Go to to find out more


  1. Great Tip! It’s these little, fun things that really make You look professional!

    Hope Your class is going well!

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Bill Coons says:

    I’ve been watching your video’s and posts with all the nest tips and I really wanted to take the training but it was a little outside my budget right now. Big disappointment

    My question is do have any books on Word Press that you can recommend?
    Thank You for a reply.

    • Christina Hills says:

      Bill, for beginners I recommend ‘Building a WordPress Blog People want to Read’ by McNulty

  3. I have an Itheme theme and have a blog. Can I put a widget in the side bar to link to my post home page or do I have to put that in the menu (which I don’t want to do). I have “Recent Posts” in the sidebar but am think I might add the Post homepage… then I would need to use the “Read more” link.

    My site just went live! I am so excited.


    PS I am using Google Analytics – do you know how to eliminate visist from em to my reports?

    • Hi Kathy,

      Your site and your guest house both look very inviting
      and professional.

      I’m pretty new to online business but am always trying to learn and offer useful feedback as well.

      Just wondered what you were doing to get traffic to your site and what you’ve found has worked best for you?

      If it’s brand new, what “traffic plans” are you going to focus on?

      Wishing you success,

      • Hi Robin:
        Thanks for the positive feedback. I had professional help on the header/logo but I did a lot myself. I have two paid ads on and These sites drive the majority of the traffic to my site. A large percent come from search engines because about half of my guests find me on Trip Advisor and then have to search for my web site. Yesterday I just paid for a listing on Trip Advisor so that there will be a direct link to my web site! This should make a big difference.

    • Christina Hills says:

      you can put links in your sidebars to go anywhere you want!
      This is the kind of coaching I do with people in my 8 module course. The current class is closed, but I will be teaching it again in the Fall.

      We cover Google Analytics in the program as well

  4. Thanks Christina, Simple and easy. I can’t believe the solution was right on the tool bar.

    • Christina Hills says:

      Yes, WordPress has a lot of depth and features that you don’t always notice at first.

  5. Hi Christina!

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s simple and easy, don’t need to be a techie person to figure this out. I am so in love with WordPress, it makes customizing easy and fun. There a lot of themes I like but I would like to make my own sometime :)

  6. Christina, Great tip. What tool do you use to record the screen for your video?

  7. thank you for the info. Great stuff.


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