How to Put Your Website Under Construction

When building a new website, you often don’t want the public to see your work as you are developing it.  We’ll I have created a video that shows you how to put your site ‘Under Construction’.

This uses the ‘Under Construction’ plugin by Jeremy Massel that you can find here:

I prefer under construction plugins vs under construction themes, because it let’s you work on your site, while hiding it. Another good under construction plugin is the one from CSS Jockey here: It’s a little fancier, and you can add custom graphics to it, but I prefer the first from Jeremy Massel only because it’s faster to install.

How We Can Help You

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  1. says

    That is a quick and easy solution, good recomendation Christina.

    I wish, however, there was something where you could put more in. I do it for all my clients via an html that I have with all their info on it and edit via http://FTP... but not practical for the typical wordpress user. :-(

    I always recommend doing something more than “coming soon” or “under construction”… Since working on your site can take anywhere from hours to days, under the custom text option add all your business information — name, address, contact info, location… especially if you’re a local business. You want to say you’re “open for business”, not “coming soon”.

    Do I have a better recommendation than Christina’s? No, but looks like there’s a new plug-in in my future. :-)


    • Christina Hills says


      I do this mostly for sites where I have not yet announced the site. So most people will not know that it’s there. But I want to hide it just in case someone stumbles upon it.

      The ‘coming soon’ plugin by css jockey is more visually pleasing than ‘under construction’ and it lets you capture leads to follow up with.

      What I like about the under construction plugin, is it’s fast and simple.

      It’s also a way to hide a membership site, before you get the membership protection setup.

      If you create an even better plugin, let me know

  2. says


    Thanks for sharing the info on this great little plugin.

    I’m in a regulated industry that requires site approval by my “compliance department” before any site I create goes live. While the tool you shared is great for keeping everyone from viewing a site, is there a way to give access just to my compliance officer?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


    • Christina Hills says


      yes what you can do is use this little plugin.
      Then go inside WordPress and create a user for your compliance officer. Create him/her as a ‘subscriber’ and give them a username and password.

      then your compliance office can login as a user and view the site, while it remains hidden to the public

  3. says

    Easiest way is to put a do not index, do not follow in the header and the bots will pass it up. Make the index page the under construction page and the true site index as index-alt until you are ready to go live.
    Very simple.

    • Christina Hills says

      yes that will work. But then you have to unravel that when you are ready to go live. With this plugin, all you have to do is turn it off when you go live.


    • Christina Hills says

      Yes you will love the under construction plugin for wordpress. Just remember that you will not be able to see your site, unless you log in. So it will block from all people. I mention this cause sometimes folks get goofed up, and don’t know how to see their site.

  4. colin says

    Hi Christina,

    I goofed up bad. I can’t even get into the admin login of my site because of the “Under Construction” message. What do I do?

  5. says

    Hello can you help me I used the plugin you said for under construction and I go back to my website and it didnt work is it suppose to take awhile or is something wrong? Can you help me

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