What’s New in WordPress 3.9 – “Smith”

wordpress-3-9-logoJimmy_Smith_American_Jazz_Organist_photo_by_Jon_Hammond_2005-200The new version of WordPress 3.9 just came out. It’s nicknamed “Smith,” named after James Oscar “Jimmy” Smith, an award-winning jazz musician.

Here is a short video that wordpress.org created to introduce the new features of WordPress 3.9:

The focus of this update is summarized in this phrase mentioned in the above video:

“Closing the Gap between Editing and Publishing”

The new features are meant to make it easy for you to see what the post/page would look like BEFORE publishing. Pretty cool!

Here are some of the highlights of the new features of WordPress 3.9:

1) Copy & paste content from Word without those messy hidden codes:

Doesn’t it drive you nuts that the look of the content sometimes gets all messed up when you copy text from Word into the WordPress editor? That’s because Word document has hidden styling codes that get picked up when you copy. With WordPress 3.9 editor, we should see much less of this (or none, I’m hoping!) as they improved their editor to fix this problem.


2) Improved Image Editing:

With WordPress 3.9, accessing the image edit screen is easier… You can even resize the image right in the post/page edit screen. No need to go into the media setup screen, and you can see how it looks in the post/page right away.



3) Drag and drop your images: 

Many people loved it when WordPress introduced the “drop and upload” feature in the media area, and they took it further with WordPress 3.9. You can now drop the image right in the editor screen!


4) Preview gallery in the editor:

When you insert a gallery in a post/page, WordPress was was simply showing a gallery placeholder in the editor screen, and we couldn’t see what it would actually look like there. Until now. WordPress 3.9′s editor lets you see the actual photos in the gallery, making it easy for you to make necessary edits before you publish the post/page.


5) Audio and Vido Playlists:

Want to show off not only one audio/video, but in a form of playlists? You can do that with WordPress 3.9!


6) Header/Menu/Widget Preview:

You can now even preview the widget, menu, and header very easily before you make the actual changes.


 Before you run out an update your site, you might want to wait until the first “dot” release comes out, i.e. 3.9.1.  (That usually fixes any stray glitches that may be in the new software)

You can Click Here for the Instructions on
Updating Your Site to the Newest Version of WordPress

What is the Heart Bleed Bug?

heartbleedThere has been a lot of buzz on the internet this week about the “Heart Bleed” bug that has affected major websites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and more.  Essentially MANY of the websites we visit each day have been potentially compromised by this bug.

The Heart Bleed Bug Explained

The Heart Bleed bug is a vulnerability that effect how secure websites talk to a requester that is asking for information.  Here is a great video that explains what it is:

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Easily Create Graphics for Your Website with Canva

If you have not heard of Canva, you are in for a big treat!  Canva is an online graphics tool that lets you create beautifully designed images for your website, without needing to hire a graphic designer!

Watch this 15 second video to get an idea on what you can do with Canva.

Here is what is cool about Canva:

  • it’s extremely user-friendly
  • there are so many design options, all with designer look
  • they provide you with tons of stock photos including a lot of free ones (and the premium ones are priced at only $1 )
  • the search feature of the stock photos works quite well
  • they even have cool interactive design tutorials for those of us who want to learn more about designing graphics
  • and it helps you to create your own graphics while using their layouts super fast

I made this graphic in 5 min with Canva!


Ready to play around with it? Here is a quick how-to tutorial:

Have fun and let me know what you think of Canva!

What is an “Author Box” in WordPress?

One of the ways that you can get more exposure for yourself, your business, and your brand is to have an “Author Box” on your WordPress website.

What is an “Author Box” you ask?

An “Author Box” is a box at the bottom of your posts that gives some biographical information about you, the author, of your WordPress website.  It’s like having an “About Us” on every blog post, or page you publish on your website.  It uses the information you put into your WordPress Profile for the text, and your picture you have setup with your Gravatar Account.

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Fundamentals of Building an Online Business

If you would like a sound overview of how Online Marketing and building and online business all fits together, then watch this video (webinar replay) of the “Fundamentals of Online Marketing and Building an Online Business”.  This webinar replay video will help you be able to strategize on how YOU can create a successful business online too.  It is explained in plain English, with lots of visuals, making it easy to understand.  Go here to view the “Fundamentals of Online Marketing”, or click on the image below.


This call shows you how all your activity on the internet leads you back to your website. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the slides you’ll see in the webinar video:

fundamentalswebinar-screen1Role of your website

fundamentalswebinar-screen2Domain name? Hosting? What are those?

fundamentalswebinar-screen3What do browsers do?

fundamentalswebinar-screen4What is a WordPress site made of? And how do I make changes?

fundamentalswebinar-screen6How to connect email marketing to your WordPress site to build your list!

fundamentalswebinar-screen9Want to sell from your website? Here is how the money flows.


So watch this video by following the link below


Oh Grandmother What a Big Website You Have!

Building a website can be scary for some folks!  But it doesn’t have to be that way…

So watch how Little Web Riding Hood overcomes her fears of technology and conquers the “Big Bad Webmaster” in this fun 3 part spoof video

Meet “Little Web Riding Hood”

Go Here to View “Meet Little Web Riding Hood” Video #1


“The Wolfie Webmaster”

Go Here to View “The Wolfie Webmaster” Video #2


“Grandma’s House”

Go Here to View “The Wolfie Webmaster” Video #3

My Top 10 Favorite Easy Plugins

favplugins-3dcover-magstyleOne of the things you are going to want to have, when you build your WordPress website, is a good set of easy to use plugins!

What are plugins you ask?  Well WordPress Plugins are kinda like  apps for your iPhone or Android. They extend the functionality of the core WordPress Software.  They are used to make your website unique to you, and you can install an unlimited combination of plugins.  You can use them to boost your site in the search engine, and you can use them to enhance your presence on social media.

However, some plugins are hard to use and understand, while others are easy.  In my PDF document that you can get by clicking the link below and going to another area of my site, you will find my favorite plugins and what they do.

If you would like to get my list of My Top 10 Favorite Plugins PDF go here