What is the “Featured Image” in WordPress?

Have you ever heard of the term “Featured Image”, but didn’t know what it was or how you would use it? Well in the WordPress post/page editor, there is an item called “Featured Image.”


It normally sits in the right-hand column towards the bottom, and many people do not even know it’s there. Plus, the name “Featured Image” doesn’t really help you to understand what it does.

Watch this video to learn more about this feature, and how you can use it to add accents to your WordPress site!

Put it in plain English, that’s the way to create or pick an image that represents that particular page/post. Different WordPress themes use this feature differently (some have this feature at a different location of the post/page editor), but typically, a featured image is the image shown as the thumbnail along with an excerpt of each blog post in the blog page.

“Easily Create a Website with WordPress”- A Free Webinar with Christina Hills

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Fundamentals of Building an Online Business

If you would like a sound overview of how Online Marketing and building and online business all fits together, then register for this webinar on the “Fundamentals of Online Marketing and Building an Online Business”.  This webinar will help you be able to strategize on how YOU can create a successful business online too.  It is explained in plain English, with lots of visuals, making it easy to understand.  Go here to register for the “Fundamentals of Online Marketing”, or click on the image below.


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New Features in WordPress 4.0 (“Benny”)

benny-goodmanWordPress released its newest version just last week! As you probably know, every major WordPress version comes with a nickname. This particular version is fondly called “Benny,” honoring a jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. (WordPress.org announced this new release on their blog post ).

Watch this introductory video by WordPress.org to learn the new features of WordPress 4.0.

 Here are some of the highlights of the new features of WordPress 4.0 (please note some of the features might not be available, depending on the themes you use):


Enhanced media library view

When you go to media library, you’ll see that only the thumbnails can be shown in a grid layout, making it so much easier to find what you are looking for. The details view of each media is more intuitive now. You can even play videos/audios right in the media details view, too.

WordPress 4.0-medialibrary

Finding the right plugin got so much easier

We all know one of the powerful aspects of WordPress is its plugins. But finding the right plugin can be a time-consuming process. WordPress 4.0 introduced a very intuitive plugin viewer. It’s now more visual, easy to navigate, and provides all the info right in your dashboard. 

WordPress 4.0-addplugins

Embed object can now be viewed better in the Visual Editor

Don’t you sometimes end up spending extra time, trying to show an embed object correctly by going back and forth between the WordPress editor (where you just see the codes) and the Preview screen (where you can see how the object will actually look on your site)? WordPress now supports some embeddable objects to show up right in the Visual Editor as they will look once published. What a time-saver! Go here to find out which embeds are supported by WordPress 4.0.


Check it out:

Time-saving features for the Page/Post Content

With WordPress 4.0, it’s so much easier to keep writing content without scrolling all over the place! They made the Visual Editor expand and formatted better as you enter the content. In the meantime, the items on the right sidebar (“Publish,” “Category,” etc.) do not move around. No more manually having to change the editor screen size nor constantly scrolling up and down when entering page/post content!


Not sure how to update your WordPress site to WordPress 4.0? Click on below to see some tips!

You can Click Here for the Instructions on
Updating Your Site to the Newest Version of WordPress