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Christina Hills and her Website Creation Workshop is an online training program that helps non techie entrepreneurs create their website with WordPress. Through live online training classes, online video tutorials, and step by step guides, you step through the process of creating your own website in WordPress. We empower you to create your website yourself!

Our Site Has a Brand New Look!

A website is  like a haircut; you wake up one day and feel an urgent need for a change!

Well, that happened to me recently, I decided to change the look of this website. So I picked a new theme, added some images, and customized the look to my liking, all in a matter of a few days. I’m still in the process of fine-tuning it, but this makeover just feels so good!

WordPress grows with you!  Case in point, let me show you how this website has changed over the past several years:

blog-juliahamburger-flexxwideOriginal look


wcwblog-20141017-about-sqPrevious look


wcwblog-beautiful-theme…and NOW!

This site is now using a theme called “Beautiful Pro Theme” from StudioPress ( I picked this theme for several reasons:

  • the display area is bigger and has the modern and elegant look that I like
  • mobile responsive and displays beautifully on various devices
  • built on Genesis framework that I feel reliable and very customizable

You might have heard the term “web shame.” Once a site is up, many people just forget about maintaining it properly, ending up not feeling comfortable about sharing it with others at some point. They would say things like, “I have a website, but it’s now so old…,” or “Here is my website URL, but it hasn’t been updated for a while.”

Well, with WordPress, it’s not difficult to update the content or even to change the whole look by yourself!

Your website should grow with you…  and with WordPress, it can!

What is the “Featured Image” in WordPress?

Have you ever heard of the term “Featured Image”, but didn’t know what it was or how you would use it? Well in the WordPress post/page editor, there is an item called “Featured Image.”


It normally sits in the right-hand column towards the bottom, and many people do not even know it’s there. Plus, the name “Featured Image” doesn’t really help you to understand what it does.

Watch this video to learn more about this feature, and how you can use it to add accents to your WordPress site!

Put it in plain English, that’s the way to create or pick an image that represents that particular page/post. Different WordPress themes use this feature differently (some have this feature at a different location of the post/page editor), but typically, a featured image is the image shown as the thumbnail along with an excerpt of each blog post in the blog page.

“Easily Create a Website with WordPress”- A Free Webinar with Christina Hills

freewebinar-buildwebsite1Always wanted to create a website for your business but didn’t know where to start?

Curious to see if there is any way to build your own website without being technology-savvy?

Then I invite you to join me next Thursday on a FREE webinar where I show you how easy it is to create variety of websites using WordPress! You’ll also find out why it’s important for you, a business owner, to be able to update your site whenever you want to.

This will be a fun call… I will take you through my visual slides on WordPress on this live webinar. I take questions live on call, too. It’s free and open to everybody! Continue Reading

Fundamentals of Building an Online Business

If you would like a sound overview of how Online Marketing and building and online business all fits together, then register for this webinar on the “Fundamentals of Online Marketing and Building an Online Business”.  This webinar will help you be able to strategize on how YOU can create a successful business online too.  It is explained in plain English, with lots of visuals, making it easy to understand.  Go here to register for the “Fundamentals of Online Marketing”, or click on the image below.


 Register here for this free webinar by following the link below

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