Free Webinar: “Easily Create a Beautiful Website in WordPress, Even if You Hate Technology!”

You have a business but do not have a website?

Or want to have a website but don’t have a budget to hire a web designer?

Or already have a website but don’t know how to update it by yourself?

Here are some facts that you may be glad to know!

  • You CAN start a website easily and quickly with a little guidance…
  • You CAN design a website by yourself even if you are not tech-savvy or a graphic designer…
  • You CAN update and maintain your website by yourself…

…all made possible by using a free and fabulous website platform: WordPress.

I invite you to join me next Wednesday, January 21, 2015 on a FREE webinar where I show you how easy it is to create variety of websites using WordPress! You’ll also find out why it’s super important for you, a business owner, to be able to update your site whenever you want to.

I’ll be using a lot of visual slides on this live webinar. I take questions live on call, too. It’s totally free and open to everybody interested in building a website.

WHAT: Easily Create a Beautiful Website in WordPress, Even if You Hate Technology
DATE: Wednesday, January 21, 2015
TIME: 3:00pm Eastern / 12:00pm Pacific
TYPE: Webinar
DURATION: approx. 90 minutes


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5 Rules for Choosing a WordPress Design (Free download)

Many of you know I just love WordPress. It allows me to do, oh, so many things easily and quickly, which makes it possible to run a successful online business.

With WordPress, you can put up new websites as a new idea pops in your head (which happens all the time!) and also change the look of existing sites.

However, I should note that I can do that not only because I know WordPress;  I also follow my own 5 simple design rules every single time I build a new WordPress site. These are the rules that I developed over the years based on my own experience (including trial and errors, of course).

These 5 rules have really saved me time and money while growing my business. I’m so convinced that these rules will work for most of you, I have created a free report called,
“5 Rules for Successfully Choosing a WordPress Design That Will Grow Your Business.”


Request a copy here and get download instant access:

Hope this report will inspire you to take action to move your online business forward in 2015!


Webinar: Fundamentals of Building an Online Business

Interested in selling your products or services online but don’t where to start?

Tried learning how the online business works, but all the technical and marketing jargon threw you off?

There are many experts who teach how to run an online business, but I’m finding most courses are too advanced and intimidating for beginners. Before digging into online marketing techniques and tools, you need to see the big picture of how online marketing works. Once you get that, it will become so much easier to become strategic and see what’s possible for you.

I know this because I’ve been there! And believe it or not, the online marketing basics are so much simpler than they sound.

For those of you who would like to learn more, I’ll be holding a FREE webinar called, “The Fundamentals of Building an Online Business” on January 6, 2014, where I’ll take you through the “must-knows” of online business in plain English, using lots of visuals to help you get started with an online business.

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