How to Insert the Copyright Symbol on Your Website

Have © ® you had a situation when you wanted to use a special character on your website but didn’t know how to do that?

Characters like the Trademark Symbol ™ , or the Copyright Symbol ©, or maybe the Registered Trademark Symbol ®

Here are couple of super simple methods to find and insert special characters:

1. Copy and paste method

googlecopyrightsymbolJust do a Google search and copy & paste the character! For example, Google the word “copyright symbol.” You will for sure see the © in the search results. Simply highlight it, copy (ctrl-c on PC, command-c on Mac), and paste that into your page/post editor of your WordPress site (ctrl-v on PC, command-v on Mac). Voalá!

2. “Special character” tool method

When you are in the WordPress post/page editor, you’ll see something like this:


(If you don’t see the “Special Character” button, click on the “Kitchen Sink” button to expand the toolbar.)

Just have your cursor where you want to insert a special character in the post/page editor, and click on the Special Character button to bring up this screen.


…And simply select the character you want to insert.


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